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Someone is gift-wrapping super-villains for the police, defacing Superhuman Registration posters, and raising eyebrows from City Hall to Tony Stark’s war chamber. And the only clue to their identity? Two spray-painted letters: N.W. Are the New Warriors really back? As the NYPD Costumed Division inches closer and closer to the truth and Stark unveils his master plan for dealing with these juvenile upstarts, the ex-mutant formerly known as Wind Dancer actually makes contact. Up from the grave: Night Thrasher!


The rebellion of the New Warriors has made it to national news, garnering the attention of superheroes like the Fantastic Four, The Avengers, the Secret Avengers and the head of SHIELD himself, Tony Stark. While it seems that Wolverine finds one of the New Warriors appears familiar, we return to the plight of Wind Dancer, who has been asked to join the rebellious group. She turns the offer down, but not before the enigmatic Night Thrasher gives her a contact device. Wind Dancer can't seem to stop thinking of the New Warriors after her initial meeting and dreams of regaining her mutant abilities, which makes her feel uneasy. As she continues to live her ordinary life, she hears on television that the New Warriors have been given a full pardon by Tony Stark if they would give up their illegal actions and join the Initiative. After getting in trouble with her boss, Wind Dancer finds herself hauling trash in the alley of the diner she works at, only to have the New Warriors contact device fall and get crushed by a garbage truck. Considering the device junk, she tosses it aside to find in its place are webs and a surprising person from her days at the Xavier Institute, Jubilee. Speaking to Jubilee about her dreams, she finds that Jubilee is actually a member of the New Warriors as well. Wind Dancer decides to join the New Warriors, being informed that while her mutant powers may not return, there are other ways to gain super powers. As a show of this, Jubilee punches a wall and breaks it down, revealing a technological gauntlet.

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