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The end of the beginning??

This was an exceptionally great book. I loved the art, loved the story, and it was great to continue the story of Kaine into this book. Going to DC for a moment, the Teen Titans were a team known for their interaction, for the relationship in the team, and they were very vital in the old DC. This is one of the things the New 52 is definitely lacking. The new 52 teen titans book....I want to like it but I can't because it's not good at all, and like Faust at Itssupereffective said, they are totally missing the point. The New Warriors, in my honest opinion, was 1000 times better than Teen Titans, but it gets canceled. There are some things I didn't totally like. Like the fact that we have no more backstory on Faira Star Namora, or that Speedball is acting childish again even though the entire time after Civil War he was trying to forgive himself for the thing he did. But now he is a tad childish...not too much, but it's a bit annoying. I also didn't like that we are completely in the dark if this series was canceled just to be relaunched later on. I truly hope deserves it way more than the nonsense bullcrap called New 52 Teen Titans..

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