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    The Growing Darkness

    I must say, I really liked this issue. Kevin Grevioux and Paco Medina continue to deliver solid work. The only unsettling thing about this issue for me was the way Wondra (Jubilee) was portrayed in it. It's almost as if she's somehow developed a mile-wide mean streak between the last issue and this one, and it's a bit disturbing.

    Night Thrasher finally agrees to give the team an explanation for his neglect and frequent dissapearances, but the reasons he gave were flimsy at best. Jubilee (who is apparently still the only one on the team who is thinking clearly) isn't fooled for a second. She calls him on it, and gets beat down for it (in a verbal/emotional sense) by the rest of the team. Even one of her closest longtime friends seems to turn his back on her, and her shock and anger at this is really the only explanation I can see for her subsequent cruelty in the control room. It was TOTALLY out of character for her, and only serves to underscore how drastically she has changed from her days with the X-Men. Her darkness and brooding anger seems to be growing and slowly consuming her, and this can't lead anywhere good.

    In addition to this, other questions abound. Who was that mysterious man in Mexico? And is it just me, or is the NYPD's "Costumed Division" WAY out of its league?

    Things between Jube and Thrasher are going to come to a head, and it's likely to be soon. Hang on for a bumpy ride!

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