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    Concept » New Universe appears in 239 issues.

    The New Universe is the home reality of Starbrand, Justice and Nightmask among others.

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    The New Universe was a line of comics released by Marvel in the 80s. The New Universe line took place in a separate reality that is slightly more realistic than the regular Marvel Universe. Superpowers were given to various people in an astronomical phenomenon called the White Event. These people became known as Paranormals.


    The New Universe was created by Marvel editor-in-chief Jim Shooter. Mark Gruenwald also played a big part in establishing the New Universe and maintaining it after Shooter's departure from overseeing the line.


    Eventually the New Universe line was cancelled due to several factors, above all else constant failure for creative teams to commit resulting in dwindling sales. The New Universe returned in books such as Exiles, Quasar and the Starblast crossover.

    Later the New Universe became a major plot point and subsequently destroyed in the Avengers Incursions storyline..

    The New Universes alternate reality designation is Earth-148611.

    There are other realities that are alternates of the New Universe. Some of them are:

    • Earth-541, Earth-723, Earth-886 and Earth-1090 where the Untold Tales of the New Universe: Star Brand takes place
    • Earth-555, where the newuniversal stories takes place.
    • Earth-15731. The Exiles chased Proteus to Earth-148611 whose actions there created the divergent timeline Earth-15731.

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