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New Reichsmen
New Reichsmen

It is unclear when or how The New Reichsmen was form.


The New Reichsmen was created by Grant Morrison and Jim Lee.

Team Evolution

Post-Final Crisis / Earth-10

Earth-10 - The New Reichsman
Earth-10 - The New Reichsman

The New Reichsmen are a Justice League analog from the Nazi dominated world of Earth-10. As the Justice League protect their world, the same can be said about the New Reichsmen. From their satellite, the Eagle's Nest, they protect the world from menaces such the Star Conqueror, Kanjar Ro or Luthor's League.

Under the leadership of Overman, the new Reichsmen had triumphed over all odds keeping the order in their world. Most of them inherit the utopia built by Overman after the triumph of the Nazis, despite some of them have scruples about the nature of such utopia. But now, opposed to them the menace of Uncle Sam and his Freedom Fighters, the New Reichsmen must face the fact than among them there is a traitor.

Team Members

  • Overman: The first superhuman, leader of the Nazi regime and of the new Reichsmen.
  • Overgirl: Cloned from the cells of Overman, she died in Final Crisis.
  • Leatherwing: Descendant of the Enemy Ace.
  • Brünhilde: An envoy from the Asgardian gods.
  • Underwater-man: Doesn't approves the Nazi regime.
  • Nazi Martian Manhunter: Most probably a white martian.
  • Nazi Green Lantern.
  • Nazi Red Tornado.

Other Version

Post-52 Weeks / Earth-10

Earth-10 - JLAxis
Earth-10 - JLAxis

It a world where the Nazis have won WW2 and created an super-power team called the JLAxis.


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