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Not to be confused with Marvel's Throneworld.

Rann - Thanagar Holy War

Throneworld of the Crown Imperia was the planet ruled by Prince Gavyn aka Starman and an important ally of Rann in the Holy War against Thanagar. But a treacherous attack of Lady Styx and her deadly army, destroyed the Empire, decimating the populace and enslaving the survivors. Starman blamed Adam Strange for this attack because he teleported Bizarro to attack Synnar, leaving Throneworld without enough force to defend themselves against Styx. This tragedy created a dangerous animosity between both heroes.

New Rann

But in the last battle for Rann's survival, Starman forgave Strange and aided the rest of warriors against the Thanagarian forces and Styx's army. When they destroyed the Demiurge and also Rann, all the Rannians were teleported to Throneworld. Starman saw in this a fresh new start for the Rannians but also for a desolated Throneworld, and offered them to make Throneworld their new home. As he renamed his planet New Rann, all the Rannians were shouting with joy accepting Gavyn's offer.

Adam Strange has recently joined R.E.B.E.L.S. to help defeat a Starro invasion. Once the invasion is stopped, Vril Dox sets up a newly reformed L.E.G.I.O.N. on New Rann.


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