New Olympians

    Team » New Olympians appears in 11 issues.

    A team gathered by the insane mob leader Maxie Zeus, each member of the New Olympians represented a Greek or Roman god.

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    As the insane mob-leader and self fashioned Greek god Maxie Zeus needed agents to disrupt the 1984 Olympics. He contacted the mysterious arms and muscle dealer, the Monitor. Maxie Zeus required a cadre of individuals whose abilities corresponded with those of ancient Greek and Roman gods. Following with the orders the Monitor contracted assassins for hire and outfitted them after those chosen archetypes. He than assembled the New Olympians. He chose Argus as the communications expert, due to his ability to see a short distance into the future, Diana for her abilities as an expert tracker and deadly archer, Proteus would be the man who like his ancient counterpart was a shapeshifter, Nox would define the albino mistress of darkness, Volcanus would hurl balls of fire when striking his hammer, and Anteus who as long as he touched the ground would have incredible strength.

    The New Olympians than gathered with Maxie Zeus as he devised a plan to utilize their abilities to cause a devastating blow at the Olympics. The New Olympians arrived at the Olympics to abduct athlete Lacinia Nitocris and convince her to be Maxie Zeus' bride. Then Batman and the Outsiders confronted them, and Maxie Zeus demanded that the teams compete against each other in deadly Olympic style games to determine the fate of Nitocris.

    Much to the New Olympians and Maxi Zeus's dismay Batman and his Outsiders prevailed. None of the New Olympians members except for Maxi Zeus had been heard from for some time. After residing in a minimum security wing of the Arkham Asylum Maxi Zeus would turn his eye on the underprivileged masses of Gotham City. Backed by the magical might of the Greek Gods of malice, hate, and jealousy Maxie Zeus would die at the savagery of the mystical Chimera.

    Some time later the rest of the New Olympians were found murdered in their subterranean hideout, each with holes blown through their chests. The Justice Society of America are now investigating their murders as well as other superhuman's taking the identities as mythological gods. The villain with a messianic complex known as Gog was found as the killer, believing he had a preordained purpose in life is to destroy false gods.


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