pspin's New Mutants #44 - Fear the Future, Part 1: Out of Season review

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New Mutants #44 Review

New Mutants #44 Review


The team has to deal with the fallout of their excursion in Limbo from a while back and the Defenders show up.

The Good:

It is really nice reading an X-Book where all of the characters are completely removed from AvX and therefore are not drinking Scott Summers’ Crazy Angst Filled Kool-Aid.

That being said, the cover shows Doctor Strange, Iron Fist and Silver Surfer blasting in and the New Mutant being thrown about. Thankfully this does not happen in the issue. They show up but the issue mostly is about the team cleaning up fallout from when Magik used them in Limbo. One cool aspect is that the team travels to Westchester to visit Karma and Face and this is really cool seeing the two sides interact with each other without killing each other. Cannonball also confronts Dani about their relationship.

One of the coolest things about this series is that even though it has a team up every other issue or so, the story of the New Mutants is still told. Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning do a great job of balancing character growth with the team ups and giving the whole team worthwhile panel time, except for Warlock but most of his dialogue is humorous so it still works.

The art in the issue, done by Leandro Fernandez, is good as well.

The Bad:

There is nothing major, Cannonball’s uniform looks weird but that is not really an issue because his part is short.

The biggest problem is that with heavy hitters like Dr. Strange and the Surfer, you’d think that they would have a bigger role. They talk about a big threat but it is never defined and they basically just give a warning, they will probably have a bigger role later, as this was part one of three, but they could have done more.


A good set up issue that deals with after effects of a previous adventure and that is cool, this issue will appease all fans just don’t expect to have your mind blown.

3.5 out of 5


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