pspin's New Mutants #42 - Exiled Part 3 of 5; Cannibal Time Bomb review

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New Mutants #42 Review

New Mutants #42 Review


Exiled continues with the New Mutants teaming up with Loki to try and undo Sigurd

The Good:

The cool thing about the New Mutant’s series is that past issues matter, things like Magma’s date with Mephisto is still brought up and it is nice to see that kind of continuity in comics.

This issue isn’t bad but it isn’t particularly good either. The dialogue is alright and the story I interesting enough but it feels a little forced since this is the only X-book not involved in AvX. Their lack of involvement is actually explained and that is cool.

Cypher and Nate are probably my two favorite characters in the series and both shine here, particularly Cypher. I really like how Abnett and Lanning have used his powers in this series as a power that matters and can be used in a variety of ways instead of just reading any language.

The Bad:

The art was just not right for this series. Carmine Di Giandomenico’s pencils were alright but it was Andy Troy’s color’s that I had really had a problem with. David Lopez, the series regular artist, has a more cartoony and expressive style that captures emotion and has bright colors; this had a more angular style with dark and shaded colors; there is nothing inherently bad about it but it simply not the style for this series.

There was a large focus on Loki in this issue which is fine since this is a crossover but the except for Cypher and Nate, the rest of the team was mostly sidelined for this issue; this is alright because this is a crossover and there are two issues left but I can’t help but feel like the New Mutants will end up forgotten as the Asgardians come in and save the day


3 out of 5

As an issue of New Mutants, this was subpar and forgettable; as an issue part of the Exiled crossover event, it was alright and that is the only reason the score is not lower. There is not much character development for either the Asgardians or the New Mutants. Unless you like Kid Loki (who is focused on way to much in Journey into Mystery and Mighty Thor) you can skip this. It is alright but Exiled seems like it would be better in trade if you want to wait.

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