pspin's New Mutants #41 - Night on the Town review

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New Mutants #41 Review

New Mutants #41 Review


After the incident on Paradise Island, the team is worn out, and then Blink shows up.

The Good:

This series just keeps getting better and better. It is really nice and refreshing to see a superhero book from the Big Two that is both character driven and team based with a little bit of real life thrown in. Since moving off of Utopia into the apartment, the book has been really good. What impressed me the most about this issue was that every character seems so human, so real. It wasn’t about a super team with trying to save the world or being moody about how morally grey they are and pretending that no one understands them; this issue was about a group good friends who just came back from a tough mission and then, after some prodding, have fun together. It was great and everyone can relate to it. The setting of Madripoor was a great choice and so was the fact that they were just hanging out with normal people

The writing was great it was much closer to the Magma/Mephisto date than the last arc and the whole issue was funny. The way that Doug’s powers have been expanded is really interesting and funny this issue shows that there is much more to him than a shy, introverted guy, and it is entertaining. (If you want to know exactly message me.) One thing that really impressed me about this issue was that every member on the team had their own part, and they were all good. While the writing was not classic, it was very good. Also Blink is back.

The art has also calmed down, the series has had many different artists and some may see that as bad but David Lopez’s art really clicks with the tone and style of not only the issue but the series as a whole. It was very good and I think he finally made Warlock look alien but not absurd.

The Bad:

Nothing much, however Blink bothered me slightly. I am not very familiar with the character, before she showed up in issue 34, I had only seen her in the Necrosha story arc and there she was all evil and killed a lot but here she is all smiles and happiness. I don’t know if that was an alternate universe Blink or not but if they are the same, it really bugged me. Other than that, there was nothing major.


While this was not a perfect issue it was definitely entertaining and I smiled as I read it. Seeing characters have fun and having a good time with normal people was refreshing. I hope that the series will be able to keep this type of thing up.

4 out of 5

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