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Must You Scream, Nathan? I'm Trying To Work Here.

I'm not an expert on the New Mutants but I know life hasn't been easy on the team lately. When I picked up the title with issue #15 the New Mutants were just picking themselves up from the events of Second Coming only to find that they now had to deal with General Ulysses and his Project Purgatory. Now that the Age of X has happened members of the New Mutants find themselves wondering if they are going to be a team for much longer. Sam is out of commission for the moment, Shan is dealing with her powers and helping Face (who I hope is going to turn out to be Dirk Benedict in the end) deal with his own powers and adjust to his new life. And then there is Illyana...

This issue revolves around two main stories. At the end of Fall of The New Mutants we found out that Illyana manipulated pretty much all of the X-Men and put the world at risk all to destroy the gods who have been tormenting her her entire life and as you can imagine Cyclops is pretty PISSED about it. Illyana surprisingly holds her own in a conversation with Cyclops and doesn't even come close to backing down. It's decided that Illyana is to be kept under permanent arrest and as you might imagine Colossus is even more PISSED about that.

This leads into the other main story, that of Dani and the fate of the team. Quite honestly, even though I knew the title wasn't going to be cancelled any time soon, I was actually worried about the team being disbanded when Dani explains to Cyclops that she understands his reasons for doing so and lists then. Then I was equally surprised when he tells her they aren't being disbanded and that she's now the team leader!

As the cover exclaims, the title is going in a bit of a different direction and it's a direction I think is going to be very interesting. Essentially, the team is to become what I can best describe as a non-lethal X-Force. With crisis after crisis over the past few years the X-Men have left quite a few loose ends of one sort or another out there and Cyclops is tasking the New Mutants with cleaning those loose ends up. This should hopefully lead to some interesting stories despite the fact that I feel this is probably just an attempt on Marvel's part to tidy up the X-verse a bit but I don't mind that if it stays fun and interesting along the way. Their first mission is to bring home Nate Grey, X-Man...whoever that is.

This actually leads to what I have found to be one of the more thrilling eight pages in comics recently. I won't spoil it because I thought it was AWESOME but it does give you just a tiny bit about Nate Grey if you aren't familiar with him but leaves you with more questions than answers as it should.

All in all, if you aren't reading New Mutants you absolutely should and this is probably the place to start with the least difficulty.

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