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I really like two page covers, so it's pretty cool here.  I also like the variants with the X-Man one being my favorite.

The Good:

There was a lot of great things about this issue, most of it lying on the realism of the portrayal of the characters as well as the depiction of each of the individual team members.  I had started reading this series when Age of X started so there's a lot I need to catch up on prior to this, since this is pretty much the first time I'm introduced to a lot of the characters of this series.  However, I was very pleased at the fact that I didn't feel too confused with all that is current;y going on.  I can see myself reading this series for a while, especially with the new direction that is certainly not just an implication of the cover.  This series is heading in a very intriguing new direction that has me quite interested.

The Bad:

Because of X-Men Legacy and this taking on Age of X, it's hard for me to tell these two books apart.  Most of the other X-Men books, though there are so many, I can usually keep separate and keep up with the different storylines going on in each one.  This one was a little hard for me, and when reviewing this, I even had to go back a few times to ensure that I was thinking about the right story.  The reason that this becomes somewhat of a bad thing is not because I have terrible memory, but only because it sorta shows how little impact this series can have in a vast multitude of X books out right now.  Hopefully when I get more into the series, the differentiation will become more obvious.


This is a really strong issue, a definite buy and though there are a few references to previous arcs that will leave you wondering what it's referring to (or really just make you wish you'd been reading this series all along), it's actually a pretty decent spot for new readers to jump on this promising series.


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