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Solid issue; Mutants done right

New Mutants is a series I've been getting into lately, as it manages to avoid a lot of problems team books have: these people have known each other and teamed together for a long time, so the petty squabbles just don't happen often enough to be annoying.

The Good

I'm glad they've continued the Cannonball/Moonstar romance from an initial drunk kiss to something a little more permanent. I like Sam a lot as a character, so seeing good things come his way makes me happy. Seeing him get recognition as leader keeps with the theme of the series, which was something I thought they'd forget about.

Seeing some consequences from the recent excursion to Hell and the almost-destruction of the planet Earth is great, as well. I like how throughout the issue, Scott is sitting across from Magik and we know that at any time, Magik could leave. But she doesn't. Because Cyclops demands respect, dammit.

One thing I like about this book in general is that it doesn't take part in its own universe; it's firmly entrenched in the goings-on of the "regular" X-Men, and seeing interaction, without it being forced, is something that needed to happen. It gives you the sense that the New Mutants are part of the greater Mutant population, not just a splinter cell of it. That's got to be part of Xavier's dream, right?

The Bad

Not much, to be honest; it's got all the usual good things about an X-Book: Wolverine, betrayal, Colossus smashing things, politicking and some heavy stuff on the horizon. No complaints from me, but it didn't blow me away. Moonstar echoed some sentiments I had that the New Mutants are just the janitors to the X-Men's messes, but I think that'll be addressed in this arc.

The Verdict

This issue was a solid one, and I'm looking forward to this new storyline with Nate Grey; as a child of the 90's, X-Man was one of those characters I was curious about, but never had a chance to absorb fully. He's been kind of elusive since his return, so it'll be interesting to see what Abnett does with him. Hopefully the solid team (both inside the book and out) will keep up the quality we've become accustomed to.

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