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New Moon is a Member of the MoonDancers. A Pacifistic trio of women, with superhuman abilities, based around aspects of the moon. They have a goal to rid the world of Nuclear Weaponry, especially when it comes to the weaponizing of Space. She uses Delaying, hindering, and other nonlethal means to accomplish her goals.

She worked with the mysterious Japanese Scientist, Professor Nakamura.


New Moon and the Moondancers were created David Anthony Kraft, Frank McLaughlin, Jerome Moore, and L. B. Kellog


New Moon like her "sisters" are pacifistic in nature. During their "attack" on the Launchpad and in battling Batman, and Superman, they went out of their way to not harm their foes. Even when they were taken out of the fight because of it. New Moon herself seemed very concerned about Batman's welfare after Crescent Moon tossed a Gas Bomb at him. Later she then Questioned Professor Nakamura about the gas, hoping they didn't harm Batman permanently.

She seemed to be Intelligent, and caring, even if stalwart in her aim of World Peace.

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Although smart, she seemed to be a bit gullible to being used by another, in pursuit of her aims, to the point of being tricked. But even after being tricked she still cared about Professor Nakamuras welfare.

Character Evolution:

She didn't have much in the way of Evolution. She seemed to be already set in her life's mission of world peace.

Major Story Arcs:

Daughters of the moon

In this story, the Batman is called in to investigate Sabotage of military systems placed in orbit and in Space. As he investigates the nosecone of a Missle. The Moondancers show up. Crescent Moon attempts to take out the Missle, but she needs a distraction. New Moon and Harvest Moon provide the distraction. New Moon unleashes her Freezing Dark Moon Beam in an effort to delay Batman and is partially successful as he takes a glancing hit, slowing his movements. Harvest Moon is then able to restrain him, while Crescent destroys the missile.

Soldiers show up and New Moon attempts to restrain them with her chilling beams, but Batman easily defeats her after breaking free from Harvest Moon. Then Crescent tosses a gas bomb on Batman to slow him. But the effects seem severe, causing her to pause, but she see he's in good hands and retreat.

Later in a Nasa Building New Moon and the others Confront Professor Nakamura about the Gas, and he informs them that it was the only way to get Superman involved and search out an Exotic form of Organic Energy. Superman is able to find it and constructs a mechanism that allows Batman to be healed of the gases effects. Later the Moondancers visit Batman to wish him well and take the Energy source.

As they leave Superman shows up, and they give chase.

The Duo tracks the comets energy trail to Nakamuras lab. The Moondancers attempt to delay them as the Professor builds a device to stop Nuclear Proliferation worldwide. New Moon attempts to stop the two with her Dark Moon Beam, but Superman counters it with his heat vision. After Batman had informed him of the effects. But a glancing blow by Crescent Moons Craft allows New Moon to Freeze Superman momentarily. But once again Batman easily overpowers her, and Superman breaks free within seconds.

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Soon they are beset by a red laser energy beam that stuns them all for a moment by a now maddened Professor. The professor having memories of the nuclear holocaust in Japan during World War 2, means to use the energy to blackmail the world into peace. She and the Moondancers understand his plan and disagree with it. Before he can turn the weapon on Superman and Batman, the man of steel destroys the weapon. The Moondancers race to the Professor to check his condition, showing emotions at his misfortune. She asks them to take care of the Professor, after which New Moon berates them for allowing the Nuclear Proliferation to continue. Although Batman disagrees with their sabotaging methods, he agrees with their goals.

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The Moondancers then leave. With New Moon offering the final, almost prophetic words of "You'll Never catch us again". As the only other appearance of the team is in

As the only other appearance of the team is in Animal Man 25 in a sort of Comic Book Fictional character Limbo. Most of the people there seemed desperate to get out except the sisters. Seemingly having found the peace they were looking for.

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New Moon possessed the power of Directional Cryokinesis in the form of her Dark Moon Beam, a blackish blue-white beam that if struck by would chill, slow, and or freeze/encase the target in ice. A partial glancing blow could slow the targets movements.

It's possible she possessed other abilities not demonstrated, such as a resistance to chilling effects, and possibly a form of dark vision.

  • Skills: Although not displayed. New Moon was more than a lackey and seemed to possess a high degree of Intelligence. New Moon seemed to have an understanding of Astronomy and lunar conditions. She was a young early 20'ish woman, possibly a college attendee or graduate.
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  • Fighting skills: New Moon was a pacifist and didn't believe in harming another being just delaying them. As such she possessed no skill or talent at physical combat. Batman was able to easily defeat her twice in physical combat with no resistance from her once grappled. She also preferred to engage her foes at range. Letting her Dark Moon Beams encase them before they got close.

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