New Men

    Team » New Men appears in 252 issues.

    Animals transformed into humanoid beings by the High Evolutionary.

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    New Men are hyper-evolved animals created by the High Evolutionary. Originally they lived on Counter-Earth until the enigmatic race known as the Beyonders took their planet. They served as Knights on Wundagore Mountain and later as the High Evolutionary's priests during Evolutionary War. All but Bova were slain by Modred the Mystic when the evil mage sought to once again bring Chthon back to Earth.

    In Other Media

    • New Men made an appearance in an episode of X-Men: the Animated Series.
    • The New Men, specifically Sir Ram, Sir Tyger, Lady Vermin, and Lady Ursula appeared in most episodes of Spider-Man: Unlimited. They were also sometimes joined by other "beastials" including a reptillian version of Electro, and a dragon like character called Fire-Drake

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