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New Japan is an airtight, self-sustained, high-tech ecosystem that has detached itself from Earth and is now, in the year 4001 AD, orbiting the Earth three hundred miles above sea level. It's controlled by the benevolent eye of Japan's enigmatic leader and unseen authority called Father and its spirit guardian, Rai - a powerful being who can telepathically communicate with Father and travel through New Japan quickly and effortlessly.

New Japan is separated into many sectors - some are known, some are unknown - and not everybody is allowed to travel freely between those sectors. It also takes weeks and months to get from one sector to another.

Known sectors of New Japan (from top to bottom):

Sector No.Sector Name
4002Father's Temple & Home Sector
4001Top of (New) Japan and Rai's Home
4001-5Outside the Top of Japan; the Solar Collector
4000Secret Cells
3508[untitled] (only seen in Rai #1 so far)
3507[untitled] (only seen in Rai #1 so far)
3128Hangar Bay IV
3127Fructose Farms
3125Silk Level
3008[untitled] (only seen in Rai #1 so far)
3002Information Square
3001War Corridor
2998New Tokyo
2993Faux-Coast (or Artificial Beach and Ocean Sector)
2992Moisture Collector Sector
2990Heat Farms
2989Hydrophonic Rainforest
2555Blackwater (a residential sector)
2505Murder Cycle Tournament Center (or Mayhem Arenas for Sports)
2502*"Positronic Factories", holding the Positronic Creation Center, Positronic Birthing Headquarter, and Positronic Farms, and the original Livewire source (not be confused with the character, Livewire)
2501Fungal Farms
2500*Prehistoric Replica Sector
2499(other) Prehistoric Sectors
2307"Cumulus Heights" (a Vapor Sector)
2306Base of Cloud City (a Vapor Sector)
2007Manhattan (21st Century Recreation)
1985Old Los Angeles (cut off from Father's network)
1967McGoohan's Preservation Garden
192320th Century Revival Sector
1898Old New York
185519th Century Revival Sector (aka Old West)
1854-5Sewer Sector & Waste Management
1642Prynne Preservation Society
50Rome-Mania (aka Rome Quarantine Zone)
1Board of Exhaust Management
0The Solar Cell
0.5The Solar Cell (hidden chamber and holding facility)

Note: * The Positronic Factories and Prehistoric Replica Sector have their numbering (2500 & 2502) switched in some panels/issues.

Other mentioned but unassigned locations and sectors include:

  • Construction Zone
  • Furabashi (Bioenhancement Sector)
  • Incubator Cells (beneath the Murder Cycle)
  • The Library of Congress (or Pulp Archive and Written Universal Sector)
  • Myst City Banks
  • White Chapel (Reenactment Sector)

According to a map of New Japan by Matt Kindt that can be found in Rai Plus Edition #1 (and the Rai Deluxe Hardcover Edition #1) there are another 20-30 sectors - for instance the Feudal Japan & Reformed Raddie Proving Sectors - however, these sectors are unassigned, too, and have yet to occur in the actual story line.


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