New Guardians

    Team » New Guardians appears in 29 issues.

    Gathered from the four corners of the globe, the New guardians were created to lead humanity to its next evolutionary step.

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    When a Guardian of the Universe (Herupa Hando Hu) and his Zamaron mate (Nadia Safir) came to Earth to choose their successors, they super-evolved ten human beings giving them powers and immortality, and united them as the Chosen, progenitors of the next step in humanity's evolution. When one of the chosen, Janwillem Kroef, decided he could not live in a world where the racially and sexually diverse Chosen represented humanity, he created a race of neo-hybrids to destroy them. After the neo-hybrids, called the New Order, were released from Kroef's dark thrall by a reluctant Tom Kalmaku, it was revealed that it was the hybrids who were the true Chosen. The New Guardians settled on Kroef's South African compound to teach the neo-hybrids the true meaning of peaceful co-existence on earth.

    Major Story Arcs

    Guy Gardner Reborn

    After Guy Gardner has lost his Green Lantern Power Ring he tries several ways to become a superhero once again. One such way is by recruiting the New Guardians to be his team. He tries to convince them that they should use their powers to follow him. Things are not going Guy's way and things get worse when Guy hits on Gloss, who uses her powers to launch Guy into the ocean. Needless to say the team does not follow Guy's plans.

    Members and Powers

    Betty Clawman

    - Spiritual being who lives in dreamtime.


    - Magical and telepathic powers.


    - Can summon Plant Elementals from other dimensions.

    Gloss (Deceased)

    - Draws incredible power from "dragon lines" that mystically cross the earth, giving her great strength and speed.

    Ram (Deceased)

    - Technopath who could control and interact with electrical devices. He could also generate electrical blasts.

    Jet (Deceased)

    - Control of electromagnetic energy.

    Tom Kalmaku

    - Can become one with the world's positive essence.

    Harbinger (Deceased)

    - Flight, powerblasts, can replicate into multiple bodies.


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