New Genesis

    Location » New Genesis appears in 225 issues.

    The paradise-like planet, home to the New Gods, good Gods of the Fourth world. A golden island of gleaming spires that orbits a sunlit unspoiled wordl of green forests, white mountains, and bright waters...

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    New Genesis was created after the cataclysm that claimed the Old Gods. It is a paradise world, considered the true place of peace. It is inhabited by the New Gods of the Fourth World. It is in direct contrast to the hellish Apokolips, abode of the evil Gods, and the two opposite God-worlds have been at war since their creation.

    New Genesis is an unspoiled paradise with virtually no artificial structures on it's surface, save for the city of the Gods, a giant flying city which in no way interferes with the wild life below it. The powerful and benevolent Highfather is the lord of New Genesis.

    Aside from the Gods, New Genesis is also home to the Bugs, a race which evolved from the micro life, a weapon used by Apokoliptians in the early days of their titanic conflict. The Bugs are viewed as lesser being by the Gods of Supertown, and there is some animosity between the two species. Although some bugs have come to serve either Highfather or Darkseid of Apokolips, the Bugs have generally been left out of the conflict of Gods.

    Beneath the surface of New Genesis is the Necropolis, a labyrinth where the Dreggs (surviving yet mindless Old Gods) reside and beneath that is the labyrinth where the Old God Sirius was imprisoned. In these labyrinths, many amazing artifacts of power are found, as they were created by the Old Gods before Urgrund. This is also where Lonar found his War Horse, Thunderer.


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