New Fun #6

    New Fun » New Fun #6 released by DC Comics on October 1, 1935.

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    Two new characters Henri Duval and Dr Occult debuted in this issue, but neither was as important as the creative team who put them together; Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster. New Fun only published original material and Malcolm Wheeler Nicholson needed a fresh supply of talent. While Henri Duval wasn't exactly Superman, the team's work was finally being published. The Siegel and Shuster by-line framed "Henri Duval, Famed soldier of fortune." but on Dr Occult, the ghost detective, the two adopted the psedonyms of Leger and Reuths. The swashbuckling musketeer Duval didn't cut a memorable figure and lasted only 4 installments. Dr Occult however, whose powers were only limited by his imagination, proved to have a little more life. In his first outing, Dr Occult rescued a victim from a vampire by using a potent talisman.

    Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson - Editor & Publisher

    William H. Cook - Managing Editor

    C. Naar - Assistant Editor

    Tom McNamara - Cartoon Editor

    H. D. Cushing - Advertising Mana

    Rexford L. May - Circulation Mana


    1. Charley Fish [4] (by Vin Sullivan)
    2. Sandra of the Secret Service [The Gavonian Affair, Part 6] (by Brigham)
    3. [Weird Asia] [4] (by Brig [aka W. C. Brigham])
    4. Brad Hardy [Part 4] (by Brig [aka W. C. Brigham])
    5. Don Drake on the Planet Saro [Part 6]
    6. In the Wake of the Wander [Part 4] (by MacFergus [aka Tom Cooper])
    7. Barry O'Neill [The Fang-Gow Case, Part 6] (by Leo E. O'Mealia)
    8. Capn. Spinacker [Part 4] (by Tom, Tom Cooper) [continued in New Comics #1]
    9. Bob Merritt [The Mystery Plane, Part 2] (by Leo E. O'Mealia)
    10. Along the Main Line [Part 2] (by Tom Cooper)
    11. Just Bugs [2] by Tom Cooper]
    12. Famous in South America [4] Manuel Belgrano (by Brigham)
    13. Jack Woods [7] [Pancho Villa, Part 3] (by C Brigham)
    14. Remote Control! (text story by Ken Fitch)
    15. Movies (text article)
    16. Radio (text article)
    17. Oswald the Rabbit (by Al Stahl)
    18. Stamps and Coins (text article illustrated by Loe [aka Dick Loederer])
    19. Fun Mail (letters page)
    20. Buckskin Jim [The Indian Ambush, Part 6] (by Tom Cooper)
    21. Sports (text article by Joe Archibald)
    22. Shavetail [Part 2] (text story by Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson)
    23. Slim Pickins [The Haunted House, Part 2] (by [Stan] Randall)
    24. The First Hundred Years (by Ran [aka Stan Randall])
    25. Mr. Plotz (by EK [aka E.F. Koscik])
    26. The Professor [Part 2] (by E.F. Koscik)
    27. Thermopylae
    28. Magic Crystal of History [Part 6] (by Ray Wardel)
    29. Loafer the Wolf [by Henry Muheim]
    30. Frank of the Frontier (by Muheim)
    31. My Grandpa "When He Was Young" [Part 4] (by yours truly Lefty Peters per Tom McNamara) [continued in Funny Pages #1]
    32. After School [Part 6] (by Tom McNamara)
    33. [Spike Spalding] (by Vin Sullivan)
    34. Wing Brady [The Bedouins, Part 6] (by Henry Kiefer)
    35. Henri Duval of France Famed Soldier of Fortune [Part 1] (by Jerome Siegel and Joe Shuster)
    36. New Fun Magic (text article by the Wizard of Biff)
    37. The Top Cross-Word Puzzle
    38. Books Books (text article)
    39. Learn to Be a Cartoonist - Lesson No. II Construction The Face (by Charles Shows)
    40. [Fun Fax] [3] (by Joe Archibald)
    41. Fanny [4] (by Vin Sullivan)
    42. Charley Fish [5] (by Vin [Sullivan])
    43. Doctor Occult, the Ghost Detective [Part 1] (by Leger and Reuths [aka Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster])
    44. Ramblin' Jim [Part 2] (by [Stan] Randall)
    45. Try an' Get It (by Ran [aka Stan Randall])
    46. Treasure Hunt Contest (illustration by Brigham)
    47. Solve These Puzzles (by Matt Curzon)
    48. Junior Funsters [2] The Organ Grinder (text story by Connie Naar)
    49. Oscar [1] (by Pat [aka John Patterson])
    50. Skipper Hicks [Part 1] (by John Patterson)
    51. Al Whitney's Famous Flights [Part 3]
    52. Ivanhoe [Part 6] (by Sir Walter Scott)
    53. In Days of Yore [5] (by Rich)
    54. [Spike Spalding] (by Vin Sullivan)
    55. Treasure Island [Part 2] (by Robert Louis Stevenson)
    56. Pincus [4] (by Vin Sullivan)
    57. Spike Spalding [Prince of Patrania, Part 4] (by Vincent Sullivan)
    58. Sonny [5] [by Whitney Ellsworth]
    59. Little Linda [Part 5] (by Whitney Ellsworth)
    60. Jack Andrews [Part 6] (by Tom Cooper)
    61. Midshipman Dewey [Part 5] (by Ral)
    62. Doubtful Dave (by Al Stahl)
    63. Pelion and Ossa [Part 6] (by Al Stahl)
    64. 2023 Super Police [Captain Kiddlaw, Part 6] (by Clem Gretter & Ken Fitch)


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