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The fight has begun. The battle that's been building since the very beginning of the series is finally coming to a head. Captain Britain must take on his opposite for a battle that will be waged upon many worlds.

This issue provides the back story for Albion, Excalibur's latest enemy.

At the opening of the issue, Excalibur is standing around a hologram of Albion trying to figure out who he is and where he came from. The scene switches to Albion and Lionheart sparring and at the end, he tells her his history.

On another Earth, Albion was a ranger in a centuries long war that spanned the globe. When he died in battle, Merlyn and Roma came to him and offered him the choice between an amulet and a sword. Unlike 616 Captain Britain, Albion chose the sword, the tool of destruction. Roma tried to take back the sword since he wasn't supposed to have taken it, but Merlyn stopped her and they left. Albion, now empowered, destroyed all his enemies on the battlefield and eventually got around to killing his enemies all over the world, ending the war entirely. Unfortunately, the long war had ravaged his world and people were starving and dying of diseases, enemies that Albion could not fight. Instead, he found another enemy, a man named Warlord who had apparent been the cause of the war. He discovered Warlord when the man was asking pan-dimensional traders (who had already given him tremendous power) for some more tools to take over the world. While the traders tried to escape, another Captain Britain arrived and stopped them. He didn't get there fast enough though, and Albion killed Warlord even after he surrendered. The Captain and Albion fought and Albion won. With the Captain and the traders at his mercy, he made them tell him all about the Captain Britain Corps. They tell him and Albion, still mad at Roma for trying to take his sword away all those years before, killed the Captain and vowed to kill all the other Captain Britains.

Back in the present, Albion and Lionheart meet and ally with Scicluna and the evil X-Men from earlier in the series.


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The glory days of Excalibur might be a thing of the past 0

I always feel bad when I criticize Chris Claremont's writing. He is responsible for the most famous X-Men story ever told (and others), and also had a hand in co-creating some of people's favorite X-Men. The problem is it's come to a point where it's impossible not to criticize his work.The main problem is the dialog. It feels like a chore to read. This would have been great material back in the late 80s, but comic books have evolved since then, and sadly I don't think Claremont has. The story i...

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