New Earth 2

    Location » New Earth 2 appears in 35 issues.

    The former living planet Telos, now the new home for earth 2 survivors.

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    The new Earth 2 originally was believed to be the planet incarnate Telos. It was believed than Telos was a living planet (like Mogo) created by Brainiac, to serve as receptacle for his collection of lost realities/timelines/universes.However, during the battle of the earth survivors against the wizard of Skartaris, Deimos, it was revealed than Telos himself was a human long time ago before merging with the planet and becoming the planet itself to save his people from the intentions of Brainiac.

    Telos (the world) originally existed outside the conventional multiverse, orbiting it opposed to Wonderworld. But because of Deimos and the release of the chronal energy caused by his death at hands of Parallax (90's Hal Jordan), the world started to burst into earth-0 universe, causing spacetime distortions and menacing with the destruction of the keystone universe. However thanks to the actions of a more merciful Brainiac, the danger was averted.

    Brainiac proceeded to return the cities to their proper universes/timelines and sterilized the planet and then return to earth-0. Only the survivors from earth 2 were left behind to discover than the planet was growing new life and tunning its vibrational frequency to the universe of earth 2. A fading Telos, now separated from the planet, was giving the world to them sentencing than that world was now the new earth 2, where its heroes could form a new society.

    Earth 2: Society

    In Earth 2: Society, it was revealed this second earth 2 has became an exact duplicate of the original earth, including their continents, and oceans. However the nature of its wildlife is unknown. As a world created artificially, the chances to found energy sources such as oil, coal and gas deposits (created from dead carbon based lifeforms in millions of years) are null. The void of energy sources is a major trouble for the survivors of earth.

    When the ships with the survivors of the original earth (from earth-2) crashed, they built new cities analogs to the previous ones:

    Neotropolis: Under the care of Power girl. Headquarters of the World Army Cabinet.

    New Gotham: Protected by Batman III, headquarters of Waynecorp.

    Midwest city: Home of the Flash.

    Erebus City: Protected by James Olsen, who renamed himself as Dr. Impossible.

    Ark Home Colony: In territorial dispute with Erebus.

    New Babylon: Affected by a flooding recently.

    New Atlantis: Capital of the new Atlantean empire, lead by Aquawoman.

    Nexus: Built by Superman 2 (Val-Zod) initially as his own Fortress of Solitude, but now serves as a wonders-free town.

    Neuropa: With rising anti-wonder feelings.

    TSS Overwatch-one: Last ship which still orbits the planet orbit.

    Still several ships are lost and not accounted yet, with the 99.9% of the planet left unexplored. Recently it was discovered than a secret lair called Amazonia, under the protection of Fury.


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