New Dynamix

    Team » New Dynamix appears in 5 issues.

    Unusual group of heroes who had to deal with the dissappearance of the SPBs previously to Armageddon.

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    Located in San Francisco, the New Dynamix was an espontaneous reunion of superbeigns who by different crcunstances joined into an investigation related to the dissappearance of several Super Powered Beings.

    When Love Rocket insisted on Black Halo to join her in the investigation than she and Sword were doing, he was reluctant. However his friend Gramalkin would motivate him to follow the clues than would lead him to clash with Union and later team up with him against the Mercs.

    The New Dynamix discovered than the Sword betrayed them and he had abducted several SPBs with unknown motives. The final confrontation against the MERCs lead to the massive releasing of the prisioners who escape their containers and expanded around the world.

    The New Dynamix, reunited as a team, never discovered than everything, including the masive escape, was a twisted plan of TAO, who manipulated the event which would lead to the Armageddon.


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