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The New Defenders are a super hero team that comes from an alternate future. Consisting of all the remaining heroes of Earth, they have little hope for their bleak future. By 2509, the Earth is dying and so are millions around the globe. Originally led by Mr. Fantastic, who kept the Invisible Woman and himself from aging, they attempted to fix the world. But there was no fixing it. 
After Reed's death, Sue took charge. With the help of Hulk Jr., they formed a plan to time travel to the past. There the team could gather the necessary resources to construct another time machine with the power to transport the remaining six billion inhabitants of Earth back through time as well. But before they could go, Galactus came to Earth. The New Defenders attacked him and were able to capture him, but their numbers were reduced from 147 members down to the Invisible Woman, Hulk Jr., the Hooded Man (Wolverine), Lightwave, Psionics, Natalie X and Alex Ultron.  
They traveled to the past where Hulk Jr. began his construction of the Galactus Engine, powerful enough to transport those left behind. The Invisible Woman went undercover and got a job as the Fantastic Four's nanny while the others captured the other two beings they needed to power the time machine: Doctor Doom and the Human Torch
Their plans were successful as far as powering the time machine but the remaining Fantastic Four came for Johnny, defeating the New Defenders. But the time travel was already in motion. Stopping it would kill all six billion. Instead, they transported them to an artificial planet known as Nu-World. As the Invisible Woman went to apologize to Doom for using him, he killed her. After the funeral, the remaining New Defenders went to join their people on Nu-World.  
Once on Nu-World, the team changed their name to honor Sue Richards to the Fantastic Force

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