New Comics #5

    New Comics » New Comics #5 released by DC Comics on June 1, 1936.

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    Featured in this issue

    1. Bang! (editorial text, illustrated by Alger [aka Russell Cole])
    2. Captain Jim of the Rangers [part 4] (by Homer Fleming)
    3. Sir Loin of Beef [part 5] (by J. Muselli & Bill Patrick)
    4. Castaway Island [part 4] (by Tom Cooper)
    5. Ol' Oz Bopp [2] (by Alger [aka Russell Cole])
    6. Captain Quick [part 4] (by Sven Elvén)
    7. Maginnis of the Mounties [part 2] (by Babe Mather [aka Richard Matheson])
    8. Sagebrush 'n' Cactus [part 5] (by J. Muselli & Bill Patrick)
    9. Sandor and the Lost Civilization [part 1] (by Homer Fleming)
    10. Sam the Porter [1] (by Alger [aka Russell Cole]) [continued in More Fun Comics #11]
    11. Funny Man (text story by Paul Frederick)
    12. King Arthur [part 3] (by [Rafael] Astarita)
    13. Rattlesnake Pete [1] (by R. Donrog [aka Gordon Rogers])
    14. 17-20 on the Black [part 5] (by Billy Weston and Tom Cooper)
    15. Myths of Gods and Men: Pandora's Box
    16. Myths of Gods and Men: Prometheus
    17. Steve Conrad on Dolorosa Isle [part 1] (by Fless [aka Creig Flessel])
    18. Andy Handy a Man of Action But of Few Words [2] (by Leo E. O'Mealia)
    19. Stratosphere Special! 2036 A.D. [part 2] Landing on the Moon (by Serena Summerfield)
    20. Needles [5] (by Al Stahl)
    21. Brain Teasers (by R. Speed)
    22. Rock-Age Roy [1] (by [Gordon] Rogers)
    23. Bugville [2] (by Dick Ryan)
    24. Slim and Tex [part 2] (by A. Leslie Ross)
    25. Laughing at Life [2]
    26. The Book Shelf (text article by Marjorie Knight)
    27. The Radio Dialer (text article by A. R. Lane)
    28. Worth-While Films to Watch For (text article by I. W. Magovern)
    29. Magic! (text article by Andrini the Great)
    30. Famous Poems Illustrated [1] King Robert of Sicily by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (illustrated by Henry Carl Kiefer)
    31. Ray & Gail [part 4] (by Clemens Gretter)
    32. The Vikings [part 5] (by Anthony [aka Alex Anthony Blum])
    33. Goofo the Great [2] (by Alger [aka Russell Cole])
    34. A Tale of Two Cities [part 2] (by Charles Dickens, illustrated narrative by Merna Gamble)
    35. Capt. Spiniker [part 9] (by Tom Cooper)
    36. Dale Daring - The Drew Mystery [part 2] (by [Dick] Ryan)
    37. Rusty [2] (by Harold Sherman) [continued from More Fun Comics #9]
    38. Federal Men [part 4] (by Jerome Siegel and Joe Shuster)
    39. It's a Dern Lie [5] (as told by Ralph Jeske, Milwaukee, Wis.; illustrated by Bill Patrick)


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    Story Arcs

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