New Comics #2

    New Comics » New Comics #2 released by DC Comics on January 1, 1936.

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    Amid the relentless bad news of the Great Depression, America had become fascinated with J. Edgar Hoover's FBI. Super Heroes did not yet exist in comics, but the industry was casting about for reliable money makers and adventurers and law and order types were beginning to make headway, In this issue, Siegel and Shuster introduced Federal Men starring FBI agent Steve Carson, who investigated kidnappings and other federal crimes above the reach of local law enforcement.

    Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson - Editor & Publisher

    William H. Cook - Managing Editor

    Vincent A. Sullivan - Assistant Editor

    John F. Mahon - Business Manager

    Featured in this issue:

    1. Greetings! (editorial text)
    2. Jibby Jones [2] (by Vin Sullivan)
    3. Sir Loin of Beef [part 2] (by R.G.Leffingwell)
    4. Axel [2, last] [by R.G.Leffingwell]
    5. Sagebrush n' Cactus [part 2] (by R.G.Leffingwell)
    6. Fanny [2] (by R.G.Leffingwell)
    7. Dickie Duck [2] (by Matt Curzon)
    8. Castaway Island [part 1] (by Tom Cooper)
    9. Billy the Kid [2] (by Whit Ellsworth)
    10. J.Worthington Blimp, Esq [part 2] (by Sheldon Mayer)
    11. The Vikings [part 2] (by Livingstone)
    12. Big Linda's Revenge (text story by Wallace Kirk, illustrated by Bill Cook [aka William H. Cook])
    13. The Radio Dialer. Who's who on the Air Waves (text article)
    14. It's Magic (text article by Andrini, the Great; illustrated by Bill Cook [aka William H. Cook]))
    15. The Test of a Man (text story by Rosemary Volk)
    16. Freddie Bell He Means Well [2] (by Matt Curzon)
    17. "Wing" Walker [part 2] (by Thor[aka Al Whitney])
    18. Just Suppose... [2] (by H.C. and A.D.Kiefer)
    19. Pastime Page (puzzles illustrated by Emma C. McKean)
    20. Live and Learn (by Joe Archibald)
    21. Captain Bill of the Rangers [part 1] (by W.M.Allison)
    22. Gulliver's Travels [part 2, last, unfinished] (originally related by Jonathan Swift, illustrated by Walter C.Kelly)
    23. Ray and Gail [part 2] (by Clemens Gretter)
    24. Cartoon Corner (by Stanley [aka Stan Randall])
    25. The Pixie Puzzle Adventures (by Matt Curzon)
    26. Captain Quick [part 2] (by John Elby [aka Jon L. Blummer])
    27. 17-20 on the Black [part 2] (by Billy Weston, illustrated by Tom Cooper)
    28. Chikko Chakko [2] (by Ellis Edwards)
    29. Stamps and Coins (text article)
    30. Hobbies (text article by Danny [Ryan])
    31. Worth-While Films to Watch For (text article)
    32. The Book Shelf (text article by Rosemary Volk)
    33. Needles [2] (by Al Stahl)
    34. The Strange Adventures of Mr. Weed [part 2] (by Sheldon Mayer)
    35. Capt'n Spiniker [Part 6] (by Tom Cooper)
    36. Dare-Devil Dunk [1] (by Stan Randall)
    37. Beany [1] (by Vin Sullivan)
    38. Peter and Ho-lah-an [part 2] (by Liv [aka Rolland H. Livingstone])
    39. The Federal Men [part 1] (by Jerome Siegel and Joe Shuster)
    40. It's a Dern Lie [2] (as told by Rosemary Volk; illustrated by R.G. Leffingwell)


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