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After the death of Apocalypse, it is thought that peace would once again come to the earth. This is flawed logic, however, because the humans and mutants of the time have different ideas as to how things should be run. A new system is born. The New Canaanites, named after the city in which they were founded, as well as named after the followers of Apocalypse, the Canaanites, come to power as a force for the good of the people. Their actions seem to be only for the good of the New Canaanites.


The New Canaanites were created by Fabian Nicieza and Art Thibert in 1993 for the first Cable series.


The leader of the New Canaanites is Tribune Haight, the father of the military leader General Haight. Together they keep the future in control by their standards. Tribune Haight's biggest concern is the destruction of the Askani Clan because their teachings disrupt the control the government has over the people. His vigor leads to a highly publicized failure.

General Haight seems to be more concerned with those who escape to the past. The two biggest concerns are Nathan and Tyler Dayspring (known in the present as Cable and Tolliver/ Genesis, respectively). Under the general's direction, time traveling portals, called Tinexes, offer a way for him to send an assassin, Sinsear, back to reclaim these time anomalies. His plan fails when Cable beats Sinsear.

General Haight is also concerned about those expressing too much interest in the past, as does a time-misplaced Garrison Kane. He orders his troops to apprehend Kane, but they fail and Kane is able to escape back to the present.

Besides these projects, the New Canaanites also have to beware the machinations of Stryfe, the Chaos Bringer. An anarchist, Stryfe simply tries to stir the pot when he realizes that taking the head of the government (being the heir of Apocalypse himself) isn't going to happen. Stryfe would also escape to the past so as to change events to try to change his own circumstances.


The ranks of the New Canaanites can be broken down into many subgroups. Starting from the top:

  • Tribune
  • General
  • Strator
  • Citizens' Protectorate
  • Rowdies - The bottom feeders of the New Canaanite order. These are the people who do the back-alley enforcement. Their job is to keep the semblance of order by bullying the common folk.

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