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Earth's Mightiest Heroes and the robots with "more than meets the eye" collide! Symkaria and Latveria sit on an international powder keg, and Dr. Doom just lit the fuse! What do the Decepticons have to do with the escalating danger -- and can a group of warriors including Captain America, Optimus Prime, Wolverine, Prowl,

Spider-Man and Ratchet avert Armageddon? Writer Stuart Moore (WOLVERINE) and artist Tyler Kirkham (X-MEN: PHOENIX–WARSONG) assemble and roll out two fan-favorite forces!

Under the influence of the "Aggression Wave," Captain America orders the Avengers to attack the, just revealed, Autobots. Optimus Prime tells his soldiers not to kill anyone...unless absolutely necessary. Ms. Marvel cuts loose due to the wave and her half-Kree DNA. It looks like the Avengers will have the upper hand because they are not holding back. Wolverine is about to really go at it when Dr. Doom blasts him from behind. Captain America and Optimus Prime are surprised at his appearance. Doom tells them they can thank him now.

As Cap turns his attention towards Doom, Ratchet places an inhibitor on Cap's back. As it kicks in, Cap begins to come to his senses. Doom tells them that they have been affected by his mind-altering technology that has been stolen from him. Ratchet gives Cap more inhibitors for his teammates. Ms. Marvel is not having any of that and prepares to attack Ratchet. Being the nice guy he is, Doom blasts her too to break the influence.

Optimus begins to tell them all their tale. They have been fighting the Decepticons for eons. The Decepticons have been traveling to planets and ravaging them for energon fuel. Ms. Marvel comments that she has seen worlds reduced to empty husks while she traveled with the Starjammers. Doom tells his part in all of this. Some months ago, a prototype for mind-controlling was taken from one of his laboratories.

Cap ponders over using the inhibitors Ratchet made. He calls Iron Man to do a scan on the technology. With the schematics sent to him, Stark confirms that it should be harmless to them. Cap if finally able to convince Carol to wear one. With everyone back to their senses, the fact that Spider-Man has been taken has not been forgotten. They also discover that the planes that have been attacking Symkaria are not Doom's but rather the Decepticons in disguise.

Inside Megatron's base, Decepticons are being powered up with their new source of energy taken from Spider-Man. Runamuck is first to get juiced up. Ramjet volunteers to go next but Megatron stops him. He says because he hasn't been there with them as long as the others, he doesn't fully trust him enough to get more power. Megatron feels that he may have arrived to try to take his authority away. He is sent to guard the Doom's stolen Psycho-Prism instead. Skywarp is next to get power. Spider-Man tries telling Megatron that if he gets loose, he's going to smash him. Megatron just goes on about Spider-Man's blood having the biggest anomaly that could be used and refined to make the most powerful form of Energon they've ever seen.

Outside, the Autobots and Avengers try blasting their way in to no avail. Doom looks down upon them. The idea of teaming with a lower level of beings is beneath him. He decides to go to Symkaria to broker a diplomatic solution instead. The Avengers have no choice but to let him go since they have less than twelve hours until the Symkarians attack.

Just then, the juiced-up Decepticons burst out and attack. Prime is hit, as is Luke Cage and Bumblebee. They seem to be out-gunned by the powered up Decepticons. Their only hope is the arrival of Iron Man, an expert on man and machines.

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