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The cover- It's not my favorite cover but i still like it everything is colored and drawn well so thats a plus 
Overall- We start of with Damage controll fixing the mansion and we see a little bit into Luke's past through Annie, after she leaves their is a little awkward moment between Luke, Jessica, and Iron Fist. We then see Dr. Strange waking up and joing everbody else after he slept for 15 hours. Spiderman and Victoria then get into an argument becuase she worked for osborn and we all know spideys problem with him. Then Victoria hands out paychecks and Luke is really upseat about it but Jessica destroyes him infront of everone and spidey again dosn't get paied beause of his secret identity. After the whole paycheck dellema is settled Luke and Jessica set out for a baby sitter and wolverine says he would do it (very funny). They then interview alot of superpowered applicants alot of which seince i just got into marvel i had no idea who were. I don't care how many people here are d-man fans his lines here were hilarious he was nerly as funny as spiderman. They finnaly settle on squirrel girl (this surpprised me alittle bit becuase i mean squirrel girl and i may be one of those people who underestimate her but out of everyone she actually wanted to baby sit and not rejoin the team). We then see some tension between her and of all people wolverine like some relationship issues(that is kinda creepy becuase he like dosn't age so he is like late 50's early 60's if i'm not mistaken and i don't know how old she is but she is not that old that is kinda creepy to me). Then if there weren't enough guest stars Wong comes back as a second rate Jarvis. 
The Good- The artwork i liked in the book. The diolouge is great, this issue was hilarious from spidey throwing wolverine under the bus to Wong saying he wished he become a sencond rate jarvis. 
The Bad- Dr. Strange asleep for 15 hours i mean come on that was just to over the top for me. The fight between Victoria and Spidey went a little too long. Spiderman thretens to quit yet again, allright i know that is a joke but its getting really old really fast it seems like in everybook he thretens to quit. The pannel of people applying for the nanny was allright i just wished they say who was who becuase i really didn't know who like half of these people were.
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They should have ghostrider join
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Ghost Rider?????? no, no,no ghost rider is a bad choice for new avengers mabey for the main avengers team

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