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This one shot is the original reprint of the New Avengers Illuminati #1 and #2
New Avengers Illuminati #1 Story -  

"The Illuminati is a secret organization comprised of several of the world's most powerful heroes: Sorcerer Supreme Doctor Strange, Black Bolt, King of the Inhumans, Charles Xavier, founder of the X-Men and mutant rights activist, Reed Richards,founding member of the Fantastic Four, Namor the Sub-Mariner, King of Atlantis and Iron Man (Anthony Stark), founding member of the Avengers.

These six men have worked together to mold and shape the status of the superhuman world and the world around it.

How and what they have done together has remained a mystery...


Writers Brian Michael Bendis ( Avengers, Ultimate Spider-Man) and Brian Reed ( Ms. Marvel) have joined together with Jim Cheung (Young Avengers) to reveal this untold story of the Marvel Universe and the Illuminati's actions affect today!

Years back during the Kree/Skrull war, the Illuminati proactively try to keep the war from spilling over towards the Earth.    " 
New Avengers Illuminati #2 Story -   
"After Thanos' mad schemes with the Infinity Gems, Reed Richards comes across one of the gems. He has taken it upon himself to assemble the six gems so that no one else will yield the power. At a secret meeting with the Illuminati, he reveals that he now possesses three of the gems. With each gem, the risks of finding the next one become greater. He convinces the Illuminati that they must track down the rest of the gems to prevent them falling into another's hands.

Professor X, Doctor Strange, and Namor go after the Mind Gem, while Reed, Iron Man, and Black Bolt go after the Reality Gem. After some near casulties, both teams are successful.

With the five gems in the Gauntlet, the Time Gem appears. It has been summoned by the other gems. The others tell Reed to remove the Gauntlet but he hesitates. Then Uatu, the Watcher appears stating his disappointment in Richards. No man is meant to possess that amount of power. Reed then says he tried to will the Gauntlet to cease to exist.

Reed begs Uatu to take the Gauntlet. He says he cannot. Reed then decides that each of them shall take and hide one of hte Gems. Uatu does not believe this is the best decision but it has been made."




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