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Continuing directly from the pages of NEW AVENGERS #37: The Hood's gang of super-criminals takes the fight right to the Avengers’ door!! Its wall-to-wall action and the end of an era for one Avenger and a major defection for another. This double-sized issue ties into or wraps up threads from Civil War, World War Hulk, both Avengers titles and the upcoming Secret Invasion!! Avengers writer Bendis welcomes rising star Carlo Pagulayan on his Avengers debut...

Maria Hill recieves word of the break-in at the Raft. When she sees the list of those missing, she realizes that it's every single person they just brought in from the "bank think in Jersey." The Raft wasn't prepared for a mystical break out.

In Tigra's apartment, she is visited by the Hood and some of his new teammates. Holding a gun to her head, he demands to know where the "new" Avengers are otherwise he will kill her and her mother. She says they are in Dr. Strange's house. Even though it appears to be boarded up, everyone in the Initiative knows that's where they are. They just can't prove it. She tells them in the hopes that they will go and get their butts kicked.

At Dr. Strange's Sanctum Sanctorium, Jessica, Danielle, and the Night Nurse are enjoying some tea and gossip. The team arrives from a successful mission. They're all beat. Suddenly Dr. Strange collapses and orders no one to touch him. Outside, The Hood and all the bad guys he's gathered stand waiting to attack. They're still not sure if the Avengers are really there. The Hood tries using his powers to peer through the illusion. Then Spider-Man is spotted leaving. As soon as he's out, his spider-sense goes off and he rushes back. Yelling, "They're Here!" no one knows who exactly he's talking about. He grabs Danielle and takes off. Luke has no idea what Spider-Man is doing and gets ready to follow him. Clint notices that the protection seal on Strange's place is turning into leaves. Chemistro was able to change the properties of it. Jessica catches up to Spider-Man and her daughter, cursing the whole way. He tells her there was no time to explain. He tells her to take Danielle and get as far away as possible.

Inside, the Avengers think they are still under Strange's spell that prevents outsiders from seeing or hearing them. The gunshots directed at them tell them otherwise. The Hood enters and shoots Strange several times in the chest as he lies on his bed. Wong takes on the Hood. Jigsaw gets Jessica and Danielle in the sights of a sniper rifle. He is stopped by Spider-Man. Night Nurse tells Wong that Stephen isn't breathing. Luke is outright ticked off that they came after his baby.

As the fight is setting off fireworks, S.H.I.E.L.D. agents become aware that something is going down. The Hood is about to shoot Iron Fist from behind when he is attacked by Tigra. Night Nurse tells Wong they need to call someone. Stephen is dead. Then his eyes light up. Getting up slowly, he tells them (again) not to touch him. It looks like the Avengers are simply too outnumbered. Strange appears, growing larger and begins chanting some mystical spells. Everyone in the room is frozen in a painful scream. Wong is speechless after witnessing this. Night Nurse tries going to Stephen, who is unresponsive. Wong finds a book he was looking for. Going to each Avenger, he says a chant and touches each one. Painfully, they awaken.

Stephen begins to explain what he has done. Lately he has used darker magics. He was arrogant and thought he could handle them. He says he has failed them as he had failed helping Bruce Banner. He can no longer be the Sorcerer Supreme. He has to atone for what he's done. Apologizing again, he says he has to leave. WIth some waves of his hands, he disappears.

Ms. Marvel and her Operation: Lightning Storm agents arrive. She asks where Jessica and the baby are. Luke says he's not sure, out there somewhere. Carol, reluctantly, tells him to go find them. Surprised that she's not going to arrest them, she then calls the helicarrier requesting Brother Voodoo and a clean up crew to take care of all the bad guys. She's asked what about the rebel Avengers. She says they got away. She turns to her agents telling them that's what happened. One argues that he can't go along with it. She reminds him that she's stronger than he is. Luke thanks her. She asks what they'll do next. He has no idea.

The Hood managed to escape. Talking to himself (or maybe his demon) he says he did everything he was told to do. Then he says that now he knows how to stop them.

Outside Stark Tower, Jessica, with Danielle crying in her arms, desperately tries to get someone to let her in. She's ready to register in order to protect her daughter.


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I miss Yu, but the series goes on strong.... 0

First of all I miss the fantastic art of Yu...but you gatta move on. This story only gets better and on top of it, these guys are in the middle of the whole INVASION story coming up, so having followed every issue of New Avengers I feel right in there. So, Dr strange has limitations...who knew. He until this iss. showed no injury from WWH, and what seemed to be the gangster of the mystic arts, finally remembers his reason for being a master. Love it... Then Cages wife goes to Starks tower...I un...

0 out of 0 found this review helpful.

Butt Kicking Galore! 0

Does anyone else feel like the last couple issues of New Avengers have felt the same? In this issue the Avengers fight the Hood's army, with the same results as last time. There are some interesting developments with Dr. Strange,(I'm glad they referenced what happened with him during World War Hulk) and Luke Cage's marriage appears to be going a different way then i thought, which is a good thing. Ronin and Echo look like they are going to hook up soon, which i guess is cool. I like how Bendis m...

0 out of 0 found this review helpful.
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