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    What the hell was that?

    Wow. Pretty art. Story. Damn. Never read an Avengers issue where everyone asked "who are you?" "who am i fighting?"  Have i ever read a oneshot that was to be continued elsewhere, thus defeating the purpose of a oneshot. Have I ever read a comic where someone did something for no reason at all and then left.
    Oh wait i have.  Rant over.  
    New Avengers Annual #1 raised more questions than answers .First of which is; What the fuck happend to WonderMan, he needs a hug. His hard core fans are gonna be pissed. Nothing like starting a story off with someone suddenly whining about everything.  Then i must recruit others who see my point of view. Sound familiar yet. Please oh please tell me Bendis wrote this as a cheap but funny shot at "Cry For Justice" And the Revengers? Guess the Random Team Name Generator was broken that day. 
    Im all for using the D- List characters. But make them rise above themselves and be impressive. Not whine and act like D-Listers.  
    And having every character ask everyone else during the fight "who am i fighting?" and Spiderman suddenly forgetting who Anti-Venom was? Its not like theyve ever been in a book together?
    But the art. Damn good. But full of clusterfucks. B-.  Nice panels some pages. Then others you kinda get lost in how busy they are.
    Once again the idea of a pro active crime fighting comic book team falls flat. Read Uncanny X-Force or old Stormwatch people. Thats how its done.

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