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    This series is just getting better and better, many might think that it is slow at the start of the series but I would disagree and now that Mike Deadto has joined it is just a better series.

    The Good

    Jonathan Hickman is one of the best writers around and seeing him put together an epic storyline like this one is just blissful to behold, now with the help form such artists as Steve Epting or Mike Deadto it is just an amazing series and issue after issue is great.

    The issue bounces around a bit, but it is in the right way we see exactly the right amount form each story that is involved.

    It was nice to finally see how Reed Richards is here and also going through time and universes over in Fantastic Four, it was obvious the answer though but it was still nice to see a proper explanation

    The small cameo form Dr. Doom was very nice and Kristoff making a small , yet enjoyable, appearance. We also get a follow up from the battle in Latveria and a little explanation of what it was that they found.

    They set up the next issue nicely, and tell us who it is about. The mystery surrounding the inhuman's will be answered which is nice.

    the war between Atlantis and Wakanda is heating up as a tit for tat conflict is started which results in the Wakandan armies being assembled, even after a plea for peace this is set up a long storyline which will be enjoyable to see enfold.

    the art is amazing as ever.

    the bad



    It was great as every issue has been since issue 1.

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