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A Second Rate Group of Avengers?

As the New Avengers dust off the last crisis debries and sit down for a "grown ups talk", I got myself wondering of the resemble of this issue with # 1 and got myself really scared to figure out that this book is only good with situations like these two issues presented: the team gathering, without action, just talking and interacting!! But this isn´t what a super hero comic is about! And I say "who cares, since it´s awesome!". This is the best issue of New Avengers (vol 2010) so far, for the good dialogues, the amazing art of Immonen and how the team is trying to figure out what´s their objective in the Marvel Universe. The story´s dynamics is great: while Wolverine is grinding anything that is served (he drinked bear, ate chicken, pork, lobster, he just couldn´t be stopped!!), Luke invites Strange to be an Avenger (and since he didn´t said no, he acepted it)  - the dialogues in this part of the story were very deep and elaborated - and has an awkward moment with Jessica (money issues, always lol), Spider-Man and Victoria Hand debate if Norman is good or bad, but the best is the interview for the Nanny, being selected for the job Squirrel Girl (these pages were nothing but fun). It´s this kind of issues that makes me enjoy Bendis writing, but what will be of this team? Again, what´s it´s purpose as a team? New Avengers began as the main team (After Disassembled), going to bad times after Civil War, Secret Invasion and Dark Reign and can Bendis repeat the formula of this issue in the next ones, with action and a good plot? I really don´t know, but this one here is a must have.
4.5 out 5

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