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The New Avengers take a break

I decided to get back into the Avengers, and I was making a decision on which Avengers series I should follow. I decided to go with the New Avengers because I enjoyed most of their adventures during the time when Tony Stark was head of SHEILD and when Osborn took charge.

It was quite easy to get into in this issue. After what happened in the last few issues, it was interesting to see The New Avengers get a bit of R&R. What I love about Bendis is that he can add humor almost anywhere in a series depending on all who's in it and it's not just Spider-man who pulls out the jokes. The three highlights in this issue was Dr. Strange, the fact that the New Avengers were getting paid (except Spidey), and finding a nanny for Luke and Jessica. One theme the Avengers always had was that everyone was like a family and The New Avengers has this down as well. Squirrel girl hasn't exactly been on my mind lately in Marvel comics, but seeing her as the nanny for Luke and Jessica's baby is interesting in for the future.

I like the art team with this series. And while not a whole lot happened in this issue, Stuart Immonen, Wade Von Grawbadger, and Laura Martin make everyone looked recognizable, even with the characters who applied for the nanny position (Well there were a couple of people I just didn't know and had to look up).  

While it was easy for me to pick up, there was a an excessive amount of dialogue. Some topics felt unnecessary like with Victoria Hand and Osborn. It just seemed like it slowed the pacing down. There's also the fact that nothing happened in this issue, or I should say that nothing remotely interesting action wise happened in this issue.

Overall: Despite getting into The New Avengers late, I give this issue a good score. I'm glad to pick this issue up.

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