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The shocking battle for our dimension comes to a shattering conclusion; and not everyone will survive! ! Who will make the ultimate sacrifice to save us? Marvel fans will not want to miss this startling chapter in Avengers history. Plus: another chapter in the oral history of the Avengers!

As Wolverine battles Agamotto, the heroes back on Earth worry that he is not doing well. As the two fight, Daniel Drumm, Jericho's brother accidentally shows up and joins in the fight. Agamotto says the rules of the fight have been broken and blasts Wolverine and Daniel. Jericho joins the fight too and the sky outside begins to crack open again. Jericho uses all his power and the Eye to blast Agamotto, throwing Wolverine out of the battle. In a final blast, Jericho destroys Agamotto and disappears, leaving behind an angry Daniel who is furious at the Avengers that his brother is dead. Daniel briefly possesses Luke but he disappears too. Hellstrom goes outside to tell the assembled crowd in front of the building that they should be grateful for what the Avengers have done to save them.


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A Good Magic Story? Wow. 0

New Avengers' opening arc comes to a big finale, leaving Marvel's magical landscape even more shaken up than it did when it crowned a new Sorcerer Supreme.  Brian Michael Bendis made the questionable choice to kick off the launches of his two new Avengers titles by immediately throwing both new teams into the deep end without really even giving the teams a chance to come together. With the Avengers, this was forgivable since we understand who and what the Avengers are. With the New Avengers, it ...

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Review: New Avengers #6 0

The battle for the eye continues as a super-powered Wolverine battles Agamotto in the light dimension.  The Good There is some great and a bit trippy artwork in the light dimension by Stuart Immonen (pencils), Wade Von Grawbadger (ink), Laura Martin, and Rain Beredo (colors). This was the most entertaining aspect of the issue. I'm usually not the biggest fan of the mystical aspects of comics, but this was a pretty cool issue with a lot of fun fight scenes. Aside from that, I wasn'...

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There´s a death indeed!! 0

In the conclusion of New Avengers´first arc, the cover does not lie: there´s a fallen hero in this issue. Dr. Strange is a constant in this team, alongside Spider-Man, Wolverine and Luke Cage, so magik always played a big part in the New Avengers´life (specially because of their favorite villain, the Hood), so the fact that Dr. Strange decided to give up the tittle of Sorcerer Supreme and the Eye of Agamotto chosed Jericho Drumm for his sucessor is something that eventually would come back to ha...

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