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The New Avengers are hunted down

   Digging into my Dark Reign collection, I decided to just review any random comic I pick and lucky enough I had to pick a comic that was written by the famous Bendis. But to my suprise, I actually loved this issue and the storyline that followed with the New Avengers. Bendis really had some talent shown here in this one issue that had me wondering, why is he screwing up so badly right now? Lord knows why, but I wish he would screw his head back on and give us a badass Heroic Age instead of screwing it all up with the issues he's writing.

The Story: 
New Avengers is currently going toe to toe with a villain I really dislike known as The Hood and Osborns team of Avengers, cornered and trapped, the dying Luke Cage gave himself up to Osborn so that Captain America and his team would have a chance to escape, would the Avengers manage to escape from Osborn and his team or would they be caught alongside with Cage and in the hands of Osborn and his team? all here in this issue. 

The Good:

       - I really love the cover of this issue, hate the villain, but love how they drew him standing over some fallen Avengers. Probably one of the best pictures of the Hood and an eye catcher for this comic. 
- The artwork was great, I loved how it not only told the story alongside Bendis's writing, but it was detailed and well placed. Stuart Immonen did a great job with this issue and with some of the scenes shown in this comic, like when Miss Marvel sucker punched Osborn, that was EPIC.  I have to give Immonen credit for the action scenes in this comic, I really enjoyed the fight scene in the sewers and I loved how he had Bucky stand out badass as himself and his team tried to avoid the Avengers. Immonen didn't fail on making badass heroes and devious sinister looking villains that were perfectly well placed in this issue, unlike the second series of New Avengers where the heroes are acting for the audience, in this issue you barely see any of that, you won't even notice it all, which is great. 
- I love the storyline in this issue, I really do. Nothing is blended or random, everything just about explains for itself and Bendis would leave the audience wondering what would happen in the next issue as he would perfectly end this comic with us excited for the next. Im shocked that after reading the Heroic Age Avengers, Captain America and the other heroes is used more seriously compared to the Bendis's issue in the Heroic Age. Despite what issue there are with Bendis, he did well for himself in this comic and I really would wish he would share the same creativity here, with the Heroic Age issues he's currently doing. 
- Probably the best moment of this issue, is Captain America and his team attacking Venom, Ares, Daken, and Bullseye in the sewers, that was awesome and one hell of an Epic moment. 

The Bad:

- Even though I did say the cover was awesome, you really dont see much of the Hood in this issue, nor do you see him go against the Avengers at all. I really hate that, you see it on the cover, but you dont see it anywhere in the issue. They should've switched this cover with New Avengers #50 because in this issue you see our heroes finally going up against the Dark Avengers. 
 - I like how Night Nurse is used, but I hate how she's designed in a skimpy outfit (every mans dream nurse ) . Probably a little bad Bendis moment is the pointless pre-catfight buildup between her and Moonstone that never happens, and another thing with that scene is how Immonen reuses the same panels and having the dialogue do most of the action, god I hate that. 

The Ugly: 

Suprisingly, no ugliness in this Bendis book 

The Conclusion:

I currently hate Bendis, but dammit I love what he did with this issue. Hate him or love him, this is the Bendis that fans expect from him. I know that you may feel uncomfortable with Bendis's work if your already upset with him, but this issue I can guarantee you that it doesn't try to fail like Bendis' current issues. But it is advised that you get the previous issues so that you can get the whole story. Avengers issue 58, I would suggest giving it a shot if you haven't had the chance to read this issue and see Bendis at his best with his New Avengers.

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