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Review: New Avengers #5

The Avengers' struggle with extra-dimensional worsens terribly after they realize that the threat may stem from even before the Ancient One's time.

The Good

If there's one thing I've appreciated about Marvel's output of late, it's their willingness to push their concepts and characters forward. This isn't the Avengers I grew up on - - it's got a different thrust - - and it's more exciting for that. Similarily, I'm glad to see them to Dr. Strange and his mythos in to new areas. Spidey's joke about Agamatto simply wanting his eye back, and the magic-men's pale reactions, summed what I like about this book. You never would've seen classic Strange in that situation.

The Bad

We're five issues and I'm still not entirely clear on what mission statement sets this team of Avengers apart from the four other Avenger teams running around. I'd say they're supposed to be handling more magic/occult-based threats, but then the line-up selection doesn't really embody that as cohesively as, say, the Secret Avengers' more stealthy crew does.

The Verdict - 3.5/5

While the A feature, with all its Agamatto-associated intrigue is of the same caliber of quality you've come to expect from Bendis and Immonen, I was really more taken with the Oral History of the Avengers back-up. It might sound boring to see a prose feature entirely comprised entirely of quotations, but I find the whole thing endlessly diverting. It adds a humanism and verisimilitude to Marvel continuity. like few, if any, other features have.

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