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the cover is awsome i like how the eye is blasting spiderman. I also like how Luke, wolverine, and Ms Marvel are trying to help 


I like how it starts out that spidey points out the obvious and makes it funny. Then it gose to damion, Dr. Strange, and Dr. Voodoo trying to figure out who is doing this. Dr. Voodoo then opens a portal to see whats happening in new york and they see it's all going to hell in a hand basket. Luke gets overpowered by deamon and just when we thinks its the end Jessica Jones comes to the rescue. Ms Marvel then gose to the tear to try to close it  and the magic people can't belive how stupid that is. So Dr. Stange gose into a astral form to save Ms. Marvel. He saves her then luke say that you can tell dr. strange shows up when demons ignore you, i find that funny. You see the tear close and someone fall out ms. Marvel catches him and nobody can belive it. Iron fist shows up and dr. strange asks how he suvived and iron fist punches him. Iron fistreveals all the crazyness is happening becuase the eye isn't supposed to be in this dimenson and ask who i belonged to. 
4- this was good  it wasn't as good as the last one but still good and it left me wanting to get the next issue


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    The Story - After a nearly endless battle with spawns from another dimension, the New Avengers cacthes a break with Iron Fist´s return (as a White Lantern??), who´s blaming Strange for all of this mess and appears to be on Ancient One´s side. The Good - In a short comment, only Immonen´s art is responsible for me buying this book, and even his art is not going to be a reason strong enough if this series doesn´t shift 180º. The cover was beautiful. Jessica acting as a heroine was ok too. The Baa...

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