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New Avengers #34 Review

I apologize for this being a week late; there was a shipping problem at my usual comic shop.

New Avengers #34 Review


Doctor Strange vs. Everyone!

The Good:

The story is actually a surprising step up from the mediocrity of the arc as a whole, this isn’t groundbreaking or anything, but it is fun. The story reveals some interesting things about the entire plan that Drumm had and how badass Dr. Strange can be. Over all the action and the dialogue worked in tandem to deliver a fun issue and a good ending to the series.

Brian Michael Bendis does a good job with the story. He adds a bit of a twist to the whole “you killed my brother so now I’ll kill you” plot. Damon Hellstorm has an interesting part and the end is solid. It is fairly standard for the series.

Mike Deodato is back! Sort of; he does the art for the majority of the issue and it is awesome. The splash page on pages 3 and 4 was particularly great.

The Bad:

There are a few pages that are done by other artists that show the fight between Strange and his possessed teammates. They aren’t bad but they aren’t necessary and are a little jarring, I thought it was an ad at first.

This issue does not raise my hopes for Victoria Hand returning. This makes me sad.


A fun end to the series that isn’t bad but not great, it was just a fun and entertaining hero vs. hero fight that had a mostly happy ending. Seeing Luke Cage and Jessica Jones leave sucked but it was also nice to see the character growth to come out of that side story. Now I wonder what will happen to Squirrel Girl.

3.5 out of 5

If this review seems to have a lower quality than some others don’t hate it, writing a week later is a pain because everyone has read it…

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