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Shocking End To A Epic Tale

The end is here. And it comes more shockingly than I expected. Jonathan Hickman has been taking readers on this journey for a long while. New Avengers has been the more dialogue-heavy, character and science-friendly study of what is going on in the Marvel Universe. This issue doesn’t disappoint. Being that the last few issues have been Doom centric, this final issue has him integral to the end. Mostly the issue delves into how this end came to pass. Plot points are connected and holes are filled for the most part. There are many instances I was scratching my head because I had more questions that I thought I would have.

I enjoyed that Molecule Man plays a significant role being the narrator in this highly complex story. But what got me was the end. This book ends with a page that was (for me) an unexpected shocked. There is a final page that connects everything together. But I didn't see any of those final moments coming. I attribute that to Hickman’s writing sucking me and never letting go. This was a more confusing but satisfying ending than Avengers #44. It will leave the readers asking themselves “where are they going to go from here?”

8.7 out of 10

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