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New Avengers #32 Review

New Avengers #32 Review


The team tries to figure out what is going on and lose one of their own.

The Good:

The first half of the issue is great, what a reader could expect from Bendis, who has been killing it on this series for almost the entire run. At least it is closing a plot thread from early in the series that has been left alone for a while.

Brian Michael Bendis delivers writing that is good even if the plot wasn’t that great. The dialogue is good and the pace is good too.

The art by Carlos Pancheo is really good and fits well. I still miss Deodato’s though.

The Bad:

I am not the biggest fan of character death but if handled correctly, it is alright. This was not handled correctly; in fact it was completely pointless. Her death served no purpose and basically served as a “She’s dead, Jim” moment. I always considered her one of the sleeper characters of the Marvel Universe, she had a lot of potential and relatively unexplored history; hell, she was absent from most of the series anyway and did not deserved the fate given. I sincerely hope but highly doubt that she returns someday.

Maybe it was the death, or the fact that the story seems a little rushed or the fact that the enemy is not really doing it for me, but this story is falling flat and this issue seems like something from a new writer, not someone who has been knocking it out of the park lately like Bendis. This issue seemed off, forced, not like the rest of the series, like they needed to take up a few more issues so they cobbled this together in ten minutes and said whatever, they could do much, much better (and have).


This issue fell flat, and a character dies a pointless death. Bendis has done much better only a few issues ago and this starts the meat of the plot but is really not resonating as a story.

3.5 out of 5

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