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New Avengers #31 Review 0

New Avengers #31 ReviewOverview:As the team deals with the implication of Luke and Jessica leaving, bad things happen to magical people.The Good:The dialogue in the issue is as always great to read, every character gets a few lines but it never seems overcrowded and you can tell that everyone on the team is great friends. This really makes the issue a bit of a downer since they talk about breaking up the entire time but it also makes then seem so human that it is amazing. Some might criticize it...

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Magic! Supernatural! Dinner! 0

Unfortunately this title represents all that an Avengers book shouldn't be about, especially because Bendis insists on threading the path of supernatural and long-boring conversations over dinner table. Having a magic background was great when the team was on the run, in the Civil War and Dark Reign series, giving Dr. Strange a more active role, this worked out pretty good, but since the new release of this title (two years ago), this book was almost about magic threats and supernatural problems...

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