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New Avengers #30 Review

New Avengers #30 Review


The team fights Purifiers while transporting Emma Frost and Luke Cage makes a big decision.

The Good:

The story here is a great example of characters in fiction being humanized. The story revolves around Daredevil, Luke Cage, Mockingbird and the Thing fighting Purifiers while transferring the now depowered Emma Frost to a prison while Luke grapples with balancing being a father and a superhero.

Brian Michael Bendis does an excellent job of moving forward, not only an AvX side story but the New Avengers story as well and the characters feel very human and it is easy to see how conflicted they are He also adds some humor in the story as well that does not interfere with the seriousness of the issue but actually makes it a much more well-rounded story and keeps the characters personalities clearly separate. It also shows how great of friends people like Luke Cage and Daredevil are and how even though they deal with huge end-of-day’s events, they are still just people from New York City that have everyday problems as well.

The art by Mike Deodato is once again brilliant. It complements the story in a great way, conveying the emotion of the characters and could tell a story on its own.

The Bad:


Luke Cage quits and it sucks, especially if this is the end of the matter. While he does talk about reasons to go and stuff, it feels a little out of character for him to just leave, this will not be a big problem if there is an issue devoted, at least in part to the matter at hand.

If Squirrel Girl leaves because they no longer need a baby sitter, there will be problems.



Another amazing issue of New Avengers that has been on a roll since before AvX started and continues on; the writing and art are both top notch and hopefully it will keep up. If you are not reading this series, correct that mistake now.

5 out of 5

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