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New Avengers 29-Cap being Cap


I have to admit, I’ve always like the idea of the Illuminati, not necessarily how it’s been implemented throughout the years, but the idea of it has always been interesting for me. The leaders of the superhero world meeting in secret to discuss how certain situations should be handled? Fantastic. But sadly more often than not the point of Illuminati issues is to be a soap box for the writer’s views on the current event or predicament Marvel finds itself in and this is one of those issues. I say this because I’m not saying that this issue is bad, this is actually one of my favorite AVX tie-in issues so far, but in my opinion this issue is only worth it for the last few pages.

The Good:

This issue addressed several things that have been bugging me since AVX began. 1.) What are the FF doing during all of this. 2.) Where does Tony keep his Infinity Gem (in a safety deposit box) and finally 3.) Why hasn’t Cap and Namor’s history been addressed? Well this issue finally addresses it and it made me really wish that it got addressed more often.

The Bad:

I’m getting sick of everyone hating heroes in the Marvel universe, and that includes heroes themselves. Everyone’s constantly blaming each other and that is what a majority of this issue is and I really hated that. I get that people are at fault and that the Avengers may not be completely in the right on this, but do I need it shoved down my throat constantly? NO! Also Dr. Strange was completely useless in this book, he did absolutely nothing. At least during Civil War he acted as a reminder of how stupid everyone was being, but ever since he lost being the Sorcerer Supreme he has basically done nothing major.



Worth it if you care about the Illuminati, have been keeping up with AVX tie-ins, or want to see Captain America being Captain America. Personally I wish that that was the entire issue instead of being about the Illuminati and how disappointed in everyone everyone is… That was a really odd sentence to write

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