pspin's New Avengers #27 - A Phoenix Rises In K'un Lun review

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New Avengers #27 Review

New Avengers #27 Review


The saga of Fongji comes to a close and Spider-Man talks with Hope Summers.

The Good:

*** Spoilers Ahead. Read the Issue First***

The story of Fongji was an interesting one and one that I particularly enjoyed and it ends her, sadly this will mean that she will fade into oblivion but oh well. The issue brings together Hope, Iron Fist and Spider-Man and the short talk that Spider-Man has with Hope is by far the best part of the issue. To sum it up, Yu Ti and Iron Fist believe that Hope must be trained to effectively handle the Phoenix Force but she disagrees telling them that she has trained under Cyclops, Wolverine and Cable. As it turns out, Spider-Man is the one who must teach her. I thought that he would teach her Spider-Fu, but instead he simply tells her “With great power comes great responsibility.” After a short explanation it clearly has a big effect on Hope.

***End Spoilers***

This issue is a very good example of how great of a writer Brian Michael Bendis really is. He clearly captures the distinct personality of the characters, the respect Iron Fist has for K’un Lun, Hope’s rebelliousness and headstrong attitude, and most importantly, Spider-Man’s humor along with the seriousness he takes being a superhero. The story comes together with Hope listening to his advice and her reaction is perfectly written, she has no idea what he is talking about. All of the other people who have trained her have treated her like an adult and dealt with her physical well-being but never really gave her a creed to live by except: survive. Bendis is able to capture her reaction perfectly and it is a great moment in AvX and the series in general.

As always Mike Deodato’s art is fantastic. The fight between the Phoenix Force and Iron Fist Dragon is really spectacular. Also of note is the conversation between Hope and Spider-Man. OF course Spider-Man is wearing a mask so his emotions are hidden but you can still feel the emotion when he speaks but the best part is Hope’s face, she is a teenager with the fate of the world possibly in her hands and the art brings all of the anger and frustration she is feeling to life, it is truly great.

The Bad:

I had expected the fight between the Phoenix Force and Iron Fist Dragon to be a little longer since they are two ridiculously powerful cosmic beings but it was cool and once the whole issue played out, it didn’t matter as much.

The biggest problem I had with the issue is that it does not happen concurrently with AvX 6 which also came out this week, it happens either during or after issue 7. Seriously Marvel, this makes no sense, wither come out with AvX faster or delay the tie-ins, this is the second time in two weeks that this has happened. I can guarantee that people will be angry and blame it on the issue about this problem, but it is Marvel’s bad timing therefore this will NOT impact the score.


Other than the timing, this issue is truly great and was by far the best tie-in to AvX yet, it was better than AvX as well.

5 out of 5

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