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New Avengers #26 Review

New Avengers #26 Review


The story of Iron Fist and the Phoenix Force continues to unfold in this tie-in

The Good:

This story has definitely taken a turn for the interesting. The training sequences are kind of fun to watch, it reminded me of watching a movie. The story here is also interesting the girl, Fongji, has interesting powers and I hope that she is able to stick around as an Iron Fist instead of another red head for the Phoenix Force. The scene in the beginning with Fongji and Yu Ti is funny, Yu Ti I imagine with a very dry sense of humor and speech pattern and that makes it funnier.

Mike Deodato’s art as always is absolutely amazing.

Leonardo Da Vinci’s inclusion in the issue is really cool. It sets up a rough time frame for when this story takes place and it is cool seeing historical people in comics.

The Bad:

Leonardo Da Vinci was in this issue and, while cool, was a little hard to believe. He builds a giant telescope/laser cannon/ Phoenix Force detector from scratch because he just thought of it, with metal and turbines and everything.

There is always my ever present fear that interesting characters are just used once and never heard from again, Fongji is close to the top of that list, there is so much potential for a character who is the Iron Fist and Phoenix that it is mind boggling but I doubt she will go anywhere but limbo.


A really good tie-in that seems it will be relevant closer to the end of AvX. The New Avengers were again absent but this story has really grabbed my interest.

3.5 out of 5

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