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New Avengers #26 Review 0

New Avengers #26 ReviewOverview:The story of Iron Fist and the Phoenix Force continues to unfold in this tie-inThe Good:This story has definitely taken a turn for the interesting. The training sequences are kind of fun to watch, it reminded me of watching a movie. The story here is also interesting the girl, Fongji, has interesting powers and I hope that she is able to stick around as an Iron Fist instead of another red head for the Phoenix Force. The scene in the beginning with Fongji and Yu Ti...

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A Treat 0

Of the Avengers tie-ins to Avengers vs X-Men this one is my favorite. It's funny - this really has nothing to do with the current #AvX storyline. At least as of now, the story servers to give the Phoenix Force a richer history with the retcon that it came to Earth before it inhabited Jean Grey. But its a fun read anyway - reminds me of a 1970s Kung Fu movie or Kill Bill Vol 2. The appearance of Da Vinci made me double-check that this issue wasn't written by Johnathan Hickman. Anyway, it's a fun ...

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Downright BRAVE 0

This mega event tie-in issue marks the second issue of "New Avengers" in a row... without the New Avengers (or ANY modern era recognizable characters) in it. There are a few recognizable characters... but only if you've read the critically beloved but relatively short-lived "Immortal Iron Fist" series from a few years back, or the critically beloved and terminally unmarketable "S.H.I.E.L.D." series by Jonathan Hickman that's wrapping up its run currently (and into the foreseeable future, with hu...

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Phoenix secret history 0

I know nothing about Avengers vs. X-Men, I just picked up this issue because it had "Bendis" and Iron Fist on the cover. This issue is very cinematic as other reviewers have mentioned. I was pleasantly surprised that this story has revelations about the history of the Phoenix force... and the Iron Fist. Ominous revelations, to say the least. This storyline has my curiosity. 8/10...

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