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New Avengers #25 Review

New Avengers #25 Review


A connection is discovered between the Phoenix Force and Iron Fist

The Good:

The art was by far the best part of this issue. Anyone who has read my previous reviews for New Avengers knows that I love Mike Deodato’s art; the splash pages are particularly cool.

The idea behind the story is cool, The Phoenix Force and Iron Fist (Dragon?) are the same person is interesting to say the least. Here the reader learns about the history of K’un-Lun and Yu Ti and it is cool. The issue has a mystery/adventure feel to it and it is a nice change compared to how some tie-ins fall completely flat.

The new character they introduce, the red head, has potential but I doubt that she will survive this series or AvX.

The Bad:

Despite what the title and cover tell you neither the New Avengers nor Iron fist actually show up in the issue. This deals mostly with the legacy of the Iron Fist and takes place hundreds of years ago. If you don’t know anything about the Iron Fist you will be lost, I was. It makes the issue difficult to follow and not much actually happens due to dream sequences.

While the red-headed woman mentioned above has potential she looks exactly like Jean Grey. I hate that. Not every red-headed woman looks the same! I understand that the Phoenix has a thing for red-heads and that is just fine but making this one a slightly more Asian version of Jean can honestly be attributed to artistic style. Seriously give her some freckles or a more rounded chin, something to make her different.


This issue was a tie-in and as of now, an unnecessary one; it may come into play in the future though. Any Iron Fist fan should pick it up but anyone else could probably leave it until the next issue. This wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t good, it was a tie-in that provided some backstory that will most likely not have much to do with AvX as a whole. Take it or leave it.

3 out of 5

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