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Note: this is a review of issues 24 to 30!

Unfortunately this title was assigned with the worst theme, in my opinion, of the AvX big event, which is the whole Kung Fu and Kun Lu stuff that will save the day from the Phoenix - it's not that I don't like the idea. balancing the sicence in comics with a little religion and mysticism, but add that the same feelling I had reading Fear Itself about the whole Weapons and the Worthy sub plot: what was it good for? Absolutely nothing!! What was the point of bringing the Mr. Miyagi and mysticism to the plot, making the Iron Fist more important than he is, when in the end, what really saved the day were the combined effort of Hope and Wanda? This was the worst idea ever of this crossover and I blame Matt Fraction - this has his name all over it!! So basically we got to read in issues 25 to 27 about the legend of Kun Lu and it's history with the Phoenix, which I didn't like at all. In the other issues (24, 28 to 30) we see some compartmentalized pieces of story that weren't featured in the main title of the event, such as the Avengers getting ready to war (yest, there's a dinner table), Hawkeye, Spider-Woman and Luke Cage in prison back at Utopia, the attempt of dialogue between Captain America and Phoenix Namor, using the Illuminati (this was the best issue, no doubt!) and the after shock events of Luke Cage, Daredevil, The Thing and Mockinbird delivering Emma Frost to somewhere as they were engaged with anti mutant militia the Purifiers (culminating in Cage's decision to leave the Avengers). Most of all I didn't like the stories, the dialogues and even Deodato's art couldn't save the day. I even dare say that his art was kind of boring and old, no new element of frame. positions, scenarios, he has become too acomodated in this title, so it will be very good to him as an artist to do some different thing from now one. I don't recommend these issues, perhaps only # 29, the rest is unnecessary!

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