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New Avengers #24 Review

New Avengers #24 Review


An Avengers vs. X-Men tie in that also continues plots from the series.

*Minor AvX #1 spoilers* You are warned

The Good:

I will say this right away: this issue will not make much sense if you did not read AvX #1.

I really enjoyed how much balance there was between the tie-in section and the New Avengers plots, mainly Jessica Jones walking out on Luke Cage and the team in issue #21 and to be honest it ties in wonderfully to AvX; it also shows how human superheroes are and it is touching in a way. The tie-in part of the issue is also cool; it shows the lead up to Captain America and the Avengers “invading” Utopia at the end of AvX #1.

I love Mike Deodato’s art. It captures the emotions of characters, particularly Luke Cage, and there are two two-page spreads that are absolutely gorgeous. The one with all of the Avengers gathered is cool, it isn’t all of them but it looks cool so what the hell.

The Bad:

Not much, some of the dialogue is a little off, particularly Spider-Man but that is probably because ASM is so awesome, but I digress, while none of it is bad, some pages took two times to read to make sure it was in the right order and who was conversing with who.

The other thing that bothered me a little was Storm walking out on the Avengers, I believe that it was because she is an X-Man first and wanted to help Cyclops, but it is not stated so that is open to interpretation.


A good tie in issue that has beautiful art, like always; and it has a lot of character growth but light on the action. I wish that this book would stop being used for tie-ins though and focus on itself a bit more, either way it is a fun way to get backstory to big events like this, plus it has Squirrel Girl.

3.5 out of 5


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